Fabula Living has established itself as an international design company deeply rooted in traditional techniques, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and Danish design traditions.

We aim to tell stories with our modern rugs by bringing together design, tradition and simple style with the oriental techniques of weaving.

The Collection 2020

A glamourous spark, a dose of classic patterns and an array of beautiful simplicity. The 2020 collection comes with some exciting new designs, all of which have been created with the uncompromising quality that is present within every thread of our work.

We are introducing two contemporary kilim designs and four luscious hand-loom pile rugs. All six designs are bursting with exclusive natural colours like olive, silver grey, petrol, off white and graphite.

Thick, soft, perfectly textured, and made in the highest quality New Zealand wool; Gro, Gisli, Calla and Aster bring sophisticated patterns like herringbone, modern glamour and add to the tactile layered mix celebrated in modern d├ęcor.

With calm, muted and subtle hues and understated patterns, the two flat-woven kilim rugs on linen warp, Njord and Felicia, offer a slightly more relaxed and versatile look.

Each of the designs are testament to extraordinary craftsmanship; we work with weavers, who consistently manage to keep up with our demand for complicated techniques making sure each new collection pushes the quality and style one step further.