Fabula Living has established itself as an international design company deeply rooted in traditional techniques, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and Danish design traditions.

We aim to tell stories with our modern rugs by bringing together design, tradition and simple style with the oriental techniques of weaving.

Collection 2018 - Closer to Nature

Refined simplicity, classic with a twist, quality and craftsmanship - and one step closer to nature. The 2018 collection pays homage to the very foundation of Fabula Living’s design ethos.

Inspired by natural landscapes, the eight new designs go from subtle neutrals, black, grey and charcoal to a few highlight tones like alluring warm terracotta and petrol green.

As always, the collection reflects an uncompromising desire to make new ideas come alive with the very best quality and as naturally as possible. Some of the most stunning designs are born out of extensive testing, which has led the designers to add a new material to the collection.

We are introducing exquisite new designs in paper yarn kept in understated patterns and subdued natural hues to amplify this technique’s quality to blend in with nature.

The extremely strong and durable paper yarn rugs are underlined by the same devotion to craftsmanship and excellent quality as our hand-woven pure wool and linen rugs.

Both of the new design lines add even more refined beauty to the collection. All the rugs are simple and versatile enough to complement any style and bring the dream of being closer to nature into modern homes.