Fabula Living has established itself as an international design company deeply rooted in traditional techniques, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and Danish design traditions.

We aim to tell stories with our modern rugs by bringing together design, tradition and simple style with the oriental techniques of weaving.

Collection 2019 - Refined Heritage

The focal point of the new collection is heritage. Fabula Living is launching an original mid-century design by the iconic Mogens Koch. Angular aesthetics, Danish design heritage and modern craftsmanship comes together in Ea.

Strong and subtle, the beautiful old geometric graphic design is brought to life in a sublime quality of the finest New Zealand wool balancing harmony and contrasts. A gentle colour palette of beige, charcoal, green, and ocean brings out the essence of Mogens Koch’s timeless designs, which were usually created in more subdued shades.

The 2019 collection also features four new designs by Lisbet Friis and Jens Schrøder Landberg. The designs named Lily, Bellis, Ask and Rolf continue to build on the passion to enrich homes with the very best craftsmanship, materials and pared down Scandinavian aesthetic.

The tribute to nature is gaining momentum with pure natural coloured wool, and several designs in green shades. Tones like marble and oriental red inspired by gemstones bring a touch of the magical and sumptuous luxury into the collection.

The new designs and the collaboration with Mogens Koch manifest more than ever the passion to build on ancient techniques and Scandinavian design heritage, whilst refining, adding fresh new touches and bringing the design into the modern day.