Fabula Living has established itself as an international design company deeply rooted in traditional techniques, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and Danish design traditions.

We aim to tell stories with our modern rugs by bringing together design, tradition and simple style with the oriental techniques of weaving.

Collection 2021

Slow Beauty

The 2021 collection welcomes refreshing renewal and soothing simplicity. A sense of grounding paired with an uplifting glow of new natural colours.

As our home life is evolving our new designs wrap our living spaces in soft, slow beauty and what we like to call the feel-good factor, the deeper layer in the collection.

The four new designs showcase our desire to explore and refine the quality in all the steps that goes into creating ultimate high-quality rugs and classic and contemporary aesthetics that is receptive to the shifts around us.

With Frida and Nanna, we are offering an understated Scandinavian spin on lush, luxury, high-pile rugs, and with the hand-woven Kilim rugs Una and Rune we have played with colours like aquamarine, amber, aubergine and subtle patterns in the weave.

All our colours from the more current shades to the timeless greys and sandy tones are inspired by nature making them easy to style with any material and decor.

Longevity, durability and a timeless touch make each of the new designs a sustainable choice.
All come in the larger size 250x350 cm, perfect for uniting smaller sections for cosy gatherings around the dinner table or coffee table. More practical, more stylish and an important part of updating the home with softness, layers and tactility.