Fabula Living has established itself as an international design company deeply rooted in traditional techniques, craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and Danish design traditions.

We aim to tell stories with our modern rugs by bringing together design, tradition and simple style with the oriental techniques of weaving.

Collection 2022

Amplifying Happiness

Each new collection is about sharing something new and solidifying our core, creating timeless, classic designs with a modern twist, and always adding something extra, a mood and a feeling making the rugs like imprints of the time we live in.

With the 2022 collection, we are bringing warmth, uplift, and amplifying happiness, and the four new designs push the boundaries when it comes to colours, timeless designs, and quality.

Two of the new designs, Fleur and Daisy, are designed by our long-time collaborator and renowned textile designer Lisbet Friis. Her extraordinary sense of colours and patterns is warming up the living spaces with colours such as orange, hay green, ash, moss, and gold and striped designs in a strong and subtle dance.

With the new completely natural wool rug Humle and a pure lush loom pile rug Vidar, founder Jens Schrøder Landberg is showcasing two very different ways to add understated luxury, textured warmth, and cosiness to the home.

We are also excited about the expanding our collection of runners, which offers more affordable and flexible options to update the home with our high-quality aesthetic. Five designs, and a total of 15 runners, bring amble options to play with classic and contemporary style and ambience.

Runner collection

Refresh – Renew – Reuse

Our homes are reflections on how we feel and a smaller rug like a runner is a beautiful way to shift the energy and refresh the style in a room. A runner is a gamechanger in interior decoration - flexible, versatile, and an easy update to a hallway, a small space, or a kitchen.

Always looking to bring new refreshing ideas without compromising on our DNA, our new expanded collection of runners is designed and created with the same meticulous attention to details, sublime quality, and sustainable design like everything else we do.

The collection offers more affordable choices to add high-quality aesthetic lifts without compromising on the durability, which means a small rug can work as a quick makeover and be reused in other spaces again and again.

The collection features five designs making a total of 15 different runners with lots of choices to play with colours and stripes, bold and classic options. Choose between our two new designs Fleur and Daisy, which come in both calming darker tones and intense warmer golden and orange colours, or Rosemary, Poppy and Veronica designs.