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Hand-woven loop-rug

Designed in 1959 by Mogens Koch, one of the iconic Danish architects, and manufactured with Fabula Living’s attention to detail and quality, Ea unites the best of timeless design and modern craftsmanship. The charismatic graphic square pattern gives the rug a subtle presence in a room without dominating the rest of the décor. Made of the finest New Zealand wool, the carefully developed top-of-the-line quality of this rug makes possible the perfect balance of contrasts and harmony honouring the beautiful mid-twentieth-century design.


Design Mogens Koch

Hand-woven loop rug in NZ wool on cotton warp

Made to measure

Please be aware when ordering a tailored Ea rug, the desired length and width need to be divisible by 40 cm.

Sizes: 160x240 cm, 200x280 cm

Colors: 1212 beige, 1414 charcoal, 1818 green, 2929 ocean

As most of our rugs are unique and hand-made, the size can vary slightly from the ordered size (+/- 4%).

We make certain reservation on the representation of colours.



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Design Mogens Koch

Hand-woven loop rug in NZ wool on cotton warp

Made to measure

Please be aware when ordering a tailored Ea rug, the desired length and width need to be divisible by 40 cm.


Mogens Koch

Mogens Koch + Fabula Living

In 1959, the Danish architect Mogens Koch (1898-1992) designed a rug with a beautiful square pattern. It was one of many which his wife Ea, a weaver, wove by hand in limited editions for individual customers. From their living room she produced between 300 and 400 rugs, some of which are still in the family’s possession, while others are sought-after vintage objects.

Flash forward to 2019, and this unique contribution to Danish design history comes to life again, marking the beginning of a collaboration between Mogens Koch and Fabula Living.

The designer Jens Landberg Schrøder browsed through old folders containing Mogens Koch’s sketches, and from among sixty different designs he selected one from 1959. Together with Koch’s son he chose the name Ea for the rug, after the designer’s wife.

Manufacturing this creation of an iconic architect and designer from the golden era of Scandinavian design enhances the heritage of Fabula Living’s own story.

Mogens Koch’s works have a wide scope: from design and restoration of churches and other buildings, to silver, furniture and textiles. Best known are his famous book cases and folding chair, which define his legacy. His archives contain many other works worthy of a revival; while Fabula Living launches the Ea rug other manufacturers are re-introducing other old pieces, among these a lamp.

With his meticulous attention to detail and mathematical focus Mogens Koch was a master of stringent, pure, practical design. His works are classics from a time when Danish cabinetmakers created objects of timeless functional beauty. Each detail has a purpose and there is no superfluous decoration.

Fabula Living works in this same spirit, creating modern rugs and continually refining materials and processes. Ea has provided an opportunity to promote our uncompromising passion for quality and fine craftsmanship.

How to care for your rug

We always recommend that you use an underlay to extend the life of your rug.
An underlay ensures that the rug remains in a fixed position. It also reduces the risk of any staining.
Some of our kilim rugs are reversible. We recommend that you turn your rug over every six months.
Do not place your rug in direct sunlight.

Care instruction – Rugs of wool, linen and viscose
Daily cleaning: Vacuum your rug as needed. Never vacuum your rug with the brushes of your vacuum
cleaner nozzle in the extended position.
You can also give your rug a gentle shake outside. Do not beat your rug.
Spot cleaning, only woolen rugs: Dab the spot very gently with a damp cloth soaked in carbonated water.
More thorough cleaning: We recommend professional cleaning.

See Underlay