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Woven paper rug

With exquisite simplicity and natural material, the Fagus design brings a breeze of nature into the home. The fine natural feel has been amplified by using only neutral hues as grey, charcoal, nature and beige. Woven with paper yarn on a felt back, this rug has a very refined and flat surface with a lively shadow effect in the weave. Being able to weave with one strong thread, makes this rug extremely strong and practical.


Design Lisbet Friis

Woven rug in paper yarn with 3mm woolen felt backing

Sizes: 170x240 cm, 200x300 cm, 250x350 cm

Colors: 1416 charcoal/grey, 1425 charcoal/nature, 1612 grey/beige

As most of our rugs are unique and hand-made, the size can vary slightly from the ordered size (+/- 4%).

We make certain reservation on the representation of colours.




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Design Lisbet Friis

Woven rug in paper yarn with 3mm woolen felt backing


Lisbet Friis

Long time collaborator and renowned Danish textile designer Lisbet Friis plays an important part in translating Fabula Living’s vision into the simple and striking Nordic style.

The award-wining designer has brought her extensive knowledge of patterns, colours and materials into the collaboration, and she shares the company’s attention to detail and passion for creating long lasting design.

In her own studio in an idyllic forest north of Copenhagen, she is constantly sketching, trying and testing materials and colours. These on-going experiments produce results shown in international exhibitions and later provide ideas for her design commissions.

How to care for your rug

Care instruction – Rugs of paper yarn
Vacuum cleaning is normally sufficient for cleaning the carpet.
Never vacuum your rug with the brushes of your vacuum cleaner nozzle in the extended position.
This carpet has undergone water & stain resistant treatment.
Coffee spills or other liquid spills should be removed immediately with a soft cloth, towel or napkin.
Since these rugs are made of special paper suited for home use, you can even use a small amount of cleaning solution (no bleach or detergent) and little water (not hot) to clean the spot.
Food stains can be carefully scrapped off with a sharp object, such as table knife.
Be careful not to damage or cut the paper twine.
Airing the carpet: Do not beat or shake the rug. Simply lay it out on a flat surface.

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