A guide to help you choose the perfect size rug

Choosing the right size rug can be confusing and many have a tendency to pick a rug that is too small. Scrimping on the size can actually make a room look smaller, crowded, and cramped. As a general rule, bigger is better; a larger rug will make the room look bigger and more sophisticated.

Sofa area

A rug is like a focal point, an anchor in your room, and there are a few things to consider when creating the right ambience and look in the living room. Choose a statement rug that covers an ample part of the floor around the sofa. As a guide line make sure the rug extends 30 cm to either side of the sofa and at least half way under the sofa. Chunkier arm chairs should be fully on the rug or just off the rug without leaving a gap between the furniture and the rug. Avoid a rug that only covers the floor around a coffee table and keep side tables either on or along the edge of the rug for a cleaner look. Lighter arm chairs can be partly on the rug. Depending on the style, you can also choose to place the rug diagonally and partly under the sofa and chairs for a more casual, contemporary look.


In the bedroom, a rug is an important part of the cosy, calming ambience, and there are different ways to play around with the look.For a more classic look, place the bed and side tables fully on the rug. Choose a large rug providing comfortable, softness to step onto on either side of the bed. For a more contemporary look, the rug can be placed partly under the bed. Make sure to create symmetry all the way around.

Dining area

When it comes to a rug under the dining table, practicality is as important as the look. If the rug is too small, the legs of the chairs will get caught and make the rug bulge. As a guide line, include 65 cm extra to allow space to comfortably pull out the chairs.