Hand-woven rug in worsted New Zealand wool on cotton warp
Sizes: 170×240, 200×300, 250×350, Ø240 cm, made to measure
Colours: 1211 beige/off white, 1213 beige/brown, 1412 charcoal/beige, 1627 grey/light grey, 1812 green/beige


This reversible hand-woven rug in pure New Zealand wool fuses a simple contemporary pattern, soft colours and exquisite quality. This very durable rug comes in five different colour combinations, blending natural hues.


A shimmering look brings out the two shades creating a stunning visual effect in this popular, classic design Gimle, which is the thickest flat pile rug in the collection. The colour palette draws from Autumnal shades and the Scandinavian natural tones. Soft leaf green, willow, and golden burnt cork harmoniously cover the range of a leaf’s natural defoliation. Each shade complements the thick flat pile quality and the stunning two shade mottling effect on the hand-woven rug in New Zealand wool. With six different colour combinations, Gimle is extremely versatile when decorating a home.


With a clean and simple design and pure wool in its natural white, grey and charcoal hues, this hand-woven rug is a step back to nature. The wool is undyed and the subdued life in the tones and textures comes from nature’s own beautiful imperfection. The Rolf rug meets a strong desire for natural and sustainable design. The thick quality makes it a very durable rug with the added bonus of being reversible, which can double the life span.


An abundance of beautiful hues inspired by nature add depth to the classic goose eye pattern on this simple and sophisticated, hand-spun rug. Whether choosing the golden honey toned Umbra, Forest green inspired by crisp beech leaves, classic grey, black and midnight blue, the colours are strong enough to stand out, and soft enough to blend into a natural colour scheme and suit any wooden floor. Mixing high quality wool and linen in a very tight weave deliberately creates a slightly worn surface suggesting that this rug will only become more beautiful with time.


This slightly rustic hand-woven rug, distinguished by its thick, high-quality weave and soft natural colour scheme, is a harmonious design that complements various types of wood and styles within a home. The intentional irregularity in tones and texture is achieved through a combination of a shimmering hand-spun natural wool yarn and pure New Zealand wool. For added versatility, it is also available in a round version, offering a unique and stylish option in any room.

New Freja

One of the pure New Zealand wool rugs, hand-woven and made in a classic simple pattern that stands out and also blends in a modern home. The colours are a classic, natural mix of brown, grey and soft natural beige and off white.


Bold yet clean and elegant - the red stripe makes this statement design stand out in any home without compromising on our design core - quality and simplicity. Each stripe is spun out of two threads, and this rug is a prime example of the attention that goes into every part of our process.


Fresh colour splashes of yellow, nude and soft blue mixed with beige bring a bit of fun to this thin and tight hand-woven rug in wool and linen. This design is fresh and lights up the room and the neutral base in all three colour variations makes sure it’s not too delicate and easy to look after.


Stunning on its own and a stylish addition in most settings. With the asymmetrical square pattern, this twill woven rug in New Zealand wool and linen fills a room with a creative graphic pattern and deep stunning colours. These features come from the thick quality of the wool and the refined depth of the linen. Primula and Salvia rugs come in the same quality.


With a well-balanced chequer design in a stunning colour range of dark blue, aqua marine, grey and mahogany, the Lotus design introduces a quality that pushes the boundaries. Advanced craftsmanship, techniques and linen blended with the wool have made it possible to create a high quality rug with a three dimensional shimmering surface.


The thin stripes and the elegant shimmering created by a special dip dye Gabbeh-dye distinguish this subtle playful rug. This technique is also used for the same velvety shades of grey tones featured on the Angelica design making these two different hand-made rugs easy to mix for a layered texture in a stylish interior.


An inviting play with patterns guided by a carefully selected palette of strong calming indigo, deep midnight blue and black make this hand-woven rug in New Zealand wool a beautiful and classic design. Quietly saluting the Swedish rag rugs, Veronica brings an instant feel of style and comfort to a room. Like the sister designs of Iris and Myrtus, this is a simple, contemporary style with refined pattern and a three-dimensional visual effect thanks to the special Gabbeh-dye technique.