NEWS 2024

Natural serenity

Introducing the 2024 collection—a mix of thick, soft textures, muted earth-toned colours, and calming patterns infusing your living space with a cosy touch of nature.

We have continued to push the boundaries of quality, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary craftsmanship while embracing earthy tones inspired by the Scandinavian landscape.

Experience this purely natural collection featuring the finest wool and linen demonstrating a commitment to introducing natural materials whenever possible.

Edda, Hjalte, Mist, and Svalin, named after Nordic Mythology, immerse any home in the grounding qualities of nature’s cosy elegance and complement wood, ceramic, and other natural materials.

All are available in large sizes, and the art of choosing an appropriately large rug is crucial to creating a stylish balance in the room. Regardless of the size, the new rugs, like all our other designs, contribute with better acoustics, warmth, cosiness and an aesthetic boost.

Hand-loom pile rug in New Zealand wool and merino wool on cotton warp
Sizes: 170x240, 200x300 cm, made to measureås også i specialmål
Colours: 1111 off white 

Hand-woven rug in New Zealand wool on linen warp
Sizes: 170x240, 200x300, 250x350 cm, made to measure
Colours: 1416 charcoal/grey, 1627 grey/light grey, 1812 green/beige


Hand-loom pile rug in New Zealand wool and linen on cotton warp 
Sizes: 170x240, 200x300, Ø240, made to measureås også i specialmål
Colours: 1111 off white, 1616 grey, 3333 latte

Hand-woven rug in worsted New Zealand wool on cotton warp
Sizes: 170x240, 200x300, 250x350, Ø240 cm, made to measure
Colours: 1211 beige/off white, 1213 beige/brown, 1412 charcoal/beige, 1627 grey/light grey, 1812 green/beige


Sinking your feet into the Hjalte rug is an unparalleled experience of comfort and softness. Like Ask, it is woven with a blend of wool and linen, and the use of longer piles enhances its lushness. The rug’s substantial weight signals its high quality, yet the surface maintains a light and lively feel. The exceptional wool quality not only ensures ease of cleaning but also delivers an excellent bounce-back effect, erasing footprints, and pathways with a vacuum cleaner. With a colour palette of grey, off white and latte, Hjalte checks all the boxes for creating a cosy and elegant ambience.


The Mist design merges a rustic Scandinavian vibe with a touch of Japanese zen. The subtly chequered pattern balances between distinct and discreet, giving the rug the ability to serve as both a centrepiece and a backdrop in the décor. We have maximized the potential of the sublime worsted wool, with longer fibres creating a flat look and ensuring durable quality. Explore different sizes including a round version. Crafted with precision, this rug is a testament to the art of flat weaving, combining simplicity with timeless design in muted colours, bringing natural aesthetics and warmth into the home.


Thick, soft, and gorgeous off white, say hello to Edda - an embodiment of pure cosiness. Crafted from the finest New Zealand merino wool, this rug boasts a soft and lustrous surface, ensuring durability that withstands fraying. Invest in enduring comfort with this warm and soothing design. A rug that combines contemporary sleekness and thick luxurious quality.


Just as the hues maintain natural and muted tones, the stripes in this design showcase a vibrant yet softened look. This subtle understated balance, allows the Svalin rug to assert itself or integrate, adapting to the demands of any decor. It is hand-woven with New Zealand wool, using a distinctive twisting technique, which imparts volume and resilience. The linen warp creates the slightly blurred stripes in the twill weave, and blends of soothing greens, beige, and greys, each subtly transform with the play of light and the surrounding ambience.


Valhal is a natural Nordic beauty. A subtle shimmering texture gives this hand-loom pile rug a distinct luxurious quality. Depending on the light and the pile direction, the look shifts from one tone to another, from soft shiny to matte. Like carved out of a rock, the colours of sand, clay, ash, and silver take on the changing and surprising depths of nature’s colour play. As with the Vidar design, the understated wow-factor comes from the acoustics exquisite mix of high-quality wool and viscose. The darker viscose softens the bright shine and create a harmonious interplay, like marble or graphite.


This slightly rustic hand-woven rug, distinguished by its thick, high-quality weave and soft natural colour scheme, is a harmonious design that complements various types of wood and styles within a home. The intentional irregularity in tones and texture is achieved through a combination of a shimmering hand-spun natural wool yarn and pure New Zealand wool. For added versatility, it is also available in a round version, offering a unique and stylish option in any room.