Made to measure

The perfect rug is a combination of beautiful texture, distinctive pattern, with rich colours or earthy natural tones that accentuate and complement the style in your home.

We have found that the right fit makes all the difference and knowing that a rug has the power to transform a room, we offer most of our designs in bespoke sizes.

When you are looking to link together your sofas, need a little elegant square in a particular place or would like to fit your dining table and chairs on a rug without it looking cramped, you can order most of our rugs in your desired size. Our designs can be varied in measurement, from a small 2 m2 rug, to larger rugs up to 4.5 m wide and 10 metres in length. 

If the space needs a soft contrast, we can also make selected lines as circular rugs, which can make a room seem more spacious. We are dedicated to perfecting, refining and adding on to our selection of classic, contemporary designs and when it comes to size, we offer even more choices and flexibility. 

As all our rugs are unique and most of them handmade, the size can vary slightly from the ordered size (+/-4%). Irregularities in size, colour and weaving are characteristics of hand-made rugs.

A bespoke rug can be delivered within a maximum of four to five months. For a surcharge it’s possible to get delivery in just 10 weeks.

Please note, that you will be invoiced for a minimum of two m2 if you order a smaller rug. Please note, that you will be invoiced for a minimum of two m2 if you order a smaller rug. For circular rugs and rugs larger than 20 sqm. an additional 15% will be added to the fee.

The following designs are offered as made to measure: 

Følgende designs tilbydes i specialmål:

Edda, Hjalte, Mist, Svalin, Angelica, Ask, Bellis, Calla, Daisy, Felicia, Fleur, Gisli, Humle, Vidar, Njord, Lily, Frida, Loke, Balder, Erica, Fenris, Gimle, Gjall, Helga, Lotus, Nanna, New Freja, Odin, Poppy, Rolf, Rosemary, Rune, Tanne, Thor, Una og Veronica