The soft and lush textures of a pile rug create a tactile experience that is both indulgent and inviting. In a world seeking comfort and connection with nature, these rugs blend into contemporary aesthetics like a warm embrace in the home.

With focus on muted tones and high-quality wool, our range of pile rugs exudes a quiet elegance and calm cosiness.

Whether gracing a living room, bedroom, or any space in need of a touch of natural opulence, the rug's thick and soft qualities bring a sense of warmth and sophistication. 

Edda - News 2024

Hand-loom pile rug in New Zealand wool and merino wool on cotton warp
Sizes: 170×240, 200×300 cm, made to measure
Colour: 1111 off white


The combination of viscose mixed with the wool and the beautiful colours created by the special hand dye technique Gabbeh-dye creates a soft shimmer that looks almost like velvet. The Angelica hand-woven rug comes in the same shades of off white, grey and black as Erica. A perfect solution if you want different hand-made rugs in a matching colour scheme.


The impeccable finish, the tone-in-tone shades and a stunning diamond pattern make Gisli a rug with a tactile feel bringing an extra touch of exclusivity to most interior. Hand-loomed in the best New Zealand wool on cotton warp for extra quality, this pile rug is classic with an intriguing twist and comes in saturated beige, charcoal and warm grey.


Sinking your feet into the Hjalte rug is an unparalleled experience of comfort and softness. Like Ask, it is woven with a blend of wool and linen, and the use of longer piles enhances its lushness. The rug’s substantial weight signals its high quality, yet the surface maintains a light and lively feel. The exceptional wool quality not only ensures ease of cleaning but also delivers an excellent bounce-back effect, erasing footprints, and pathways with a vacuum cleaner. With a colour palette of grey, off white and latte, Hjalte checks all the boxes for creating a cosy and elegant ambience.


Thick, soft, and gorgeous off white, say hello to Edda - an embodiment of pure cosiness. Crafted from the finest New Zealand merino wool, this rug boasts a soft and lustrous surface, ensuring durability that withstands fraying. Invest in enduring comfort with this warm and soothing design. A rug that combines contemporary sleekness and thick luxurious quality.


Valhal is a natural Nordic beauty. A subtle shimmering texture gives this hand-loom pile rug a distinct luxurious quality. Depending on the light and the pile direction, the look shifts from one tone to another, from soft shiny to matte. Like carved out of a rock, the colours of sand, clay, ash, and silver take on the changing and surprising depths of nature’s colour play. As with the Vidar design, the understated wow-factor comes from the acoustics exquisite mix of high-quality wool and viscose. The darker viscose softens the bright shine and create a harmonious interplay, like marble or graphite.


With this lush loom pile rug, we have combined a discreet luxurious style with our high quality. Vidar is made in exquisite wool with fine, long fibres giving the rug an incredible durability and ability to refresh and maintain the soft thickness. A small amount of viscose adds a desired soft shine, which changes slightly in tone depending on the light and infuses any room with cosy elegance. Choose between seven timeless colours white and grey.


The beauty is in the fine details of this high-quality hand-loom pile rug. Combining wool in the best quality, a discreet colour palette of beige and grey and a neutral style, Frida is pure simplicity at its best. The special weaving technique allows natural ventilation under the rug.


The quality of this thick hand-loom pile rug is softer than soft, and the careful merge of three threads gives the surface a natural glowing finish. With a natural warm colour palette of charcoal, warm grey, light grey and ultimate durability, the Nanna rug will bring long-lasting joy in any home.


Calla is a posh, yet ultra-modern hand-loom pile rug balancing elegance and functionality. Drawing subtle inspiration from oriental rugs, it has a lustrous and lively patterned surface, which appears calm thanks to the quality of wool and the meticulous mixing of the colours. With midnight blue and beige hinting on silver, this rug brings timeless beauty to a living room and bedroom.


Graphic shapes paired with off white and beige and natural contrast colours form a stunning pattern framed with a simple edge. The fairly complicated pattern on this hand-loom pile rug has required next level craftmanship. The top-quality New Zealand wool has been woven and cut to create a shimmering look changing with the light.


Four exclusive vivacious colours bring a sense of lush fairy tale to the Lily rug, which is woven with the same hand-loom pile technique as Loke. Lisbet Friis has added her signature touch and created soft harmony and contrasts with stripes. The wool piles have been cut in a special way creating an effect of changing the shine and texture depending on how the light falls on the rug. The Gabbeh-dye enhances the rich natural colours.


Indulge in ultimate cosiness with our luxuriously thick high-pile rug Gjall. Hand-woven in pure viscose on a cotton warp, this three-dimensional rug enhances softness with grey and beige shades inspired by nature's precious stones.


Made in the best quality New Zealand wool in a gorgeous off-white, this soft, thick high-pile rug brings a burst of understated elegance into any room. The clean aesthetic makes it a versatile choice.